Fans Think That Future Sampled Song of Ciara Entitled “Promise” on New Song

The fans of Future believed that Ciara was somehow emphasized in his song off his Save Me Ep. After he dropped off his new project on June 7, he started buzzing about his new song called “Shotgun”. It reminded the fans of the song released by Ciara in 2006. The instrumental features of the song hold the same melody as the popular cut off entitled “Ciara: The Evolution”. It is just that Ciara was never even listed under the writing credits of the song.  

The producer Seth Firkins introduced one of the final records “Shotgun” with Future. This took place even before his timely passing. He passed away during his sleep way back in 2017. The song even features production from Noel “Detail” Fisher. 

Fans realized that “Shotgun” by Future bears a resemblance to “Promise” by Ciara.  He then took to social media the comparison. They just allow the followers to decide about it.  

One Twitter user said that Future is just petty for this sample of “Promise” by Ciara. But, this makes him like it more. Neither Future nor Ciara confirmed whether or not Freebandz CEO sampled the song legally. It was the song of his ex which is why it really caused an issue for many. But the Internet has already made a choice. 

A lot of people were talking about Future who sampled Ciara’s “Promise” on Shotgun. It really did have an effect on them. They also question others if they noticed Shotgun by Future having the same beat to Promise by Ciara. They did wonder if they were just somehow trippin’. They also jokingly said that this man, Future is their idol already. They also put emphasis on Future putting both of his feet on the gas pedal. He has had pushed the engine horsepower to the maximum as he sampled the song. 

The two may have restarted the button on their personal lives. They both find new love and companionship with other persons. They also have been in and out of court for almost a month. They have spent more time proving that something is wrong.  

Seeing the good side of the marriage, Ciara and Future enjoyed it having engaged in bliss. They also worked on their relationship but everything just went so bad. They also have their experiences over the years and learned a lot from all of these. They stepped in a position where people will judge and criticize them. 

Something has just gone wrong between the two after their son arrived. They were a couple plagued by rumors of Future cheating. This leaves the bride-to-be to be understandably angry and humiliated.  

The issues and the chaos between the two may have led the fans to think of Future sampled the song “Promise” of Ciara in his new song. If truth be told, he may have dedicated the song to his ex as a part of remembering her. Fans should just finally accept things are not meant to be good between the two.