Fans Think That Future Sampled Song of Ciara Entitled “Promise” on New Song

The fans of Future believed that Ciara was somehow emphasized in his song off his Save Me Ep. After he dropped off his new project on June 7, he started buzzing about his new song called “Shotgun”. It reminded the fans of the song released by Ciara in 2006. The instrumental features of the song hold the same melody as the popular cut off entitled “Ciara: The Evolution”. It is just that Ciara was never even listed under the writing credits of the song.  

The producer Seth Firkins introduced one of the final records “Shotgun” with Future. This took place even before his timely passing. He passed away during his sleep way back in 2017. The song even features production from Noel “Detail” Fisher. 

Fans realized that “Shotgun” by Future bears a resemblance to “Promise” by Ciara.  He then took to social media the comparison. They just allow the followers to decide about it.  

One Twitter user said that Future is just petty for this sample of “Promise” by Ciara. But, this makes him like it more. Neither Future nor Ciara confirmed whether or not Freebandz CEO sampled the song legally. It was the song of his ex which is why it really caused an issue for many. But the Internet has already made a choice. 

A lot of people were talking about Future who sampled Ciara’s “Promise” on Shotgun. It really did have an effect on them. They also question others if they noticed Shotgun by Future having the same beat to Promise by Ciara. They did wonder if they were just somehow trippin’. They also jokingly said that this man, Future is their idol already. They also put emphasis on Future putting both of his feet on the gas pedal. He has had pushed the engine horsepower to the maximum as he sampled the song. 

The two may have restarted the button on their personal lives. They both find new love and companionship with other persons. They also have been in and out of court for almost a month. They have spent more time proving that something is wrong.  

Seeing the good side of the marriage, Ciara and Future enjoyed it having engaged in bliss. They also worked on their relationship but everything just went so bad. They also have their experiences over the years and learned a lot from all of these. They stepped in a position where people will judge and criticize them. 

Something has just gone wrong between the two after their son arrived. They were a couple plagued by rumors of Future cheating. This leaves the bride-to-be to be understandably angry and humiliated.  

The issues and the chaos between the two may have led the fans to think of Future sampled the song “Promise” of Ciara in his new song. If truth be told, he may have dedicated the song to his ex as a part of remembering her. Fans should just finally accept things are not meant to be good between the two.

Tee Grizzley Made Mention of Eminem in his New Track “No Talkin”

Tee Grizzley is a Detroit rapper who made mention of Eminem in his latest track entitled “No Talkin”. This is indeed a new and ferocious track belonging to his new Album, Scriptures. 

It was highlighted Grizzley coming out attacking the ATL Jacob-produced and Chopsquad DJ beat with acidic lyrics. This was also even before he said that he will run Detroit. He also dismisses the idea of Eminem holding down the Detroit-town belt. He had mentioned a few remarks about Eminem killing him and to check the score nigga and blow out. 

Tee’s name-dropping Em is not necessarily a diss. It still is considered a competitive jab on the part of the rapper. This is by far believed by many people to be among the best ever. Eminem is yet to respond. It would never be a surprise if he also did it soon.   

Grizzley’s new song has come out over a month. This was after Sada Baby, his fellow Detroit rapper, said that the founder of the Shady Records is not on his best rhymers. This is considering the Mount Rushmore of Motor City. Em was also mentioned to be just a slot in the mention section.  

Other more important rivalries in Hip-Hop than Tee Grizzley and Eminem are as follow: 

LL Cool J versus Kool Moe Dee 

These two rappers started their gap in the year of 1987. They were actually two legends known for winning the feud. Many are impressed of them in giving listeners a lot of classic tracks. 

DJ Quik versus MC Eiht 

They were known for their notable songs but they eventually started a rift in 1987. The albums they release would usually contain one overt toward the other.  

Antoinette versus MC Lyte 

Antoinette is a female soloist and was at that time new in the industry. She sampled the beat of Lyte and flipped it too. Lyte slammed the door on the war and silenced Antoinette sleepy career for only five verses.  

N.W.A versus Ice Cube 

Ice Cube is the chief writer of N.W.A. He took his solo flight in the late 1989. He terribly infuriated the remaining members of the group. He was referred to s the traitor but he fired it back with ten times due to his most scathing diss tracks of all time. Both of them have long reconciled and broke the cold war. 

Ice Cube versus Common 

Ice Cube offended the jazzy love letter to hip-hop. According to him, the West Coast influence that was hard-edged was ruining the culture. That was why Cube poured venom all over Common. Cube could have got the box-office receipts. But, it was Com who had won the war of words.  

There are many more that you would expect to be in rivalry. They are as Tupac Shakur vs. The Notorious B.I.G, Lil Kim vs. Foxy Brown, Canibus vs. LL Cool, Ja Rule vs. 50 Cent, Jay-Z vs. Nas, and many more. Witness how they battle and win over toward the other! 

25 of the Best Known Hip-Hop Diss Tracks of the 2000s

It can be said as true that hip-hop diss track traces its roots back to playing the dozens. A diss track offers simply memorable one-liners that the fans will for sure remember forever. Those moments will make you laugh, gasp or realize that something is damaging and brand-new. Looking at its worst, the diss track fuels violence and the unsolved murders of 2Pac and Notorious B.I.G.  

Such a precise, witty, and smart takedown of a rival MC over a sly cover-art imagery and proper beat can boost a career. But also such a weak sauce can crush your career and ruin it even more. 

Considering the current millennium, it has shown the tradition of battle-record by the LL Cool Js, Kool Moe Dees, KRS-Ones and DJ Quiks. Nas and Titans Jay-Z also got ten years off to a scorching start. They dropped two of the best known diss songs of the era in a short time. And Murder Inc, Roc-A-Fella, Aftermath/Shady/G Unit, Young Money/Cash Money and the Clipse gave remind-worthy moments due to unity. 

Below are some of the crossed lines and hotlines in chronological order from 25 of the best tracks from the year 2000 and beyond.  

  1. “Bang Bang” by Capone-N-Noreaga Featuring Foxy Brown- This is set as an explosive song of CNN for Foxy Brown, the special guest. This is also to tear Lil Kim, his friend-turned-foe.  
  2. “Takeover” by Jay-Z in 2001- This is a hot album that proclaims Jay-Z as the new King of New York.  
  3. “Ether”, Nas in 2001- This ignited a debate as this is his highly personal and hotly anticipated counterpunch to Jay-Z’s “Takeover”. 
  4. “Fuck Jada, “Beanie Sigel (2001)- This is a gloriously and long unhinged mixtape freestyle that threatens Jay-to-the-Mwah to put his lips on his nine and kiss goodbye. 
  5. “Nail in the Coffin,” Eminem (2002)- This came out due to the simmering beef between Benzino, The Source co-founder and Eminem.  
  6. “Loose Change”, by Ja Rule in (2002) 
  7. “Hail Mary” by Eminem featuring Busta Rhymes and 50 Cent (2003) 
  8. “Back Down”, 50 Cent (2003) 
  9. “Stomp,” Young Buck Featuring T.I. and Ludacris (2004) 
  10. “Piggy Bank, “ 50 Cent (2005) 
  11. “Checkmate”, Jadakiss (2005) 
  12. “300 Bars and Runnin’, “ The Game (2005)- 
  13. “Roman’s Revenge,” Nicki Minaj (2010)- 
  14. “Stay Schemin’, ‘’ Rick Ross Featuring Drake and French Montana (2012)-  
  15. “Truth, “ Gucci Mane (2012)- This hip hop diss was brought out by Gucci Mane with Jeezy as his target. This is also to defend himself in the case of Jeezy calling him retarded. 
  16. “Exodus 23:1, “ Pusha-T (2012)- This brings out an essentially deafening echo effect of the original rift of the Clipse with Lil Wayne.  
  17. “Back to Back,” Drake (2015)- This is a vastly superior hip hop diss track. Such a catchy hook earned the placement of this diss on the Billboard.  
  18. “Pest Control, “ The Game (2016)-This is arguably more entertaining because of the video accompanied in it. This also depicts a boy that requests pest control just to take a rat out of his room.  
  19. “Shether,” Remy Ma (2017) 
  20. “The Oracle,” Ma$e (2017)- This one is added on Cam’ron biggest hits of his career.  
  21. “Dinner Time,” Cam’ron (2017) 
  22. “Duppy Freestyle,” Drake (2018)- This hip hop diss is a retort to “Infrared” of Pusha-T. This was produced by Kanye West and Drake. This refers to the malevolent spirit in the Jamaican patois. This questioned the veracity of the background of Push in drug-dealing.  
  23. “The Story of Adidon, “ Pusha-7 (2018)- This is one hip-hop diss that cover art and that you should never miss out.  
  24. “Rap Devil, “ Machine Gun Kelly (2018)- This hip hop diss is made in response to the slamming of Eminem on “Not Alike”. 
  25. “Killshot,” Eminem (2018)- This piles up to more than 38.1 million views in just twenty-four hours of its debut on YouTube.